Frequently asked questions

Where do workshops take place?

The workshops take place in Brighton in various venues such as Caroline of Brunswick pub. There are pop up workshops across the country in places such as Hastings. In Cumbria we run the Ulverston workshops out of the Laurel and Hardy Musuem and plan to do some in Kendal, Cumbria. Also, we have plans for Lancashire. If you want a comedy workshop near you - get in touch!

How much do the workshops cost?

Prices vary on the workshop. It depends on the length of the workshop, the type of workshop and the location. Also, we sometimes pay for extra special guests in the comedy industry who come and lead on the workshops.

Why do you have a women only* workshop?

Yes - it's 2017, but sometimes women prefer to be in an all female environment as it feels more safe and supported. Jane who runs the workshops started out her comedy career taking part in an all female comedy workshop as she felt she could be herself and be around similar minded women. (Plus, she was nervous as hell!) She wants to give this option to other women who may need extra support or feel more confident in a creative environment. *The women only workshops are open to anyone who identifies as being a woman.

How often are workshops?

We aim to do workshops every month. Check our timetable regularly as we are always adding new workshops.

I have never done any comedy before. Can I still do the workshops?

Yes! These workshops are for you. Come along and do our beginners comedy writing workshop and get a taste of what writing is all about. Once you get a taste of comedy writing we offer workshops where we go more intensely into writing jokes, getting material together and performing.

Do you teach stand up comedy?

We teach comedy writing and this can eventually be applied to stand up comedy if you wish. We are more focused on showing you how to write and mine for comedy gold than making you into just a stand up comic. Your new skills can be applied to writing stories, plays, comedy characters, and just life!  When people do the workshops with the added performance night they can choose to do a monologue, short story or something else they have prepared.

Do you do character comedy workshops?

Yes! - Jane runs a workshop to help you put together a comedy character or two. You will learn to flesh out a life, an accent, how to speaks, move, work out what your character wears and what they talk about!

How do I book a workshop?

You can book through Eventbrite form the link provided or you can book through this website using PayPal.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, but you have to let us know 7 days in advance of the workshops. Why? This is because our classes have limited places so if you know you can't make the workshop let us know as soon as possible as someome else will be waiting to get their hands on a place. If an event has a booking fee on ticket sale you will not get the booking fee back. If you book a place on our workshops you are agreeing to this refund policy.

I can't afford the workshops, but I really want to do one. Do you offer free or low cost places?

Yes, we will sometimes offer one or two free places on our workshops to someone who can't afford to pay. We also sometimes do concessions. Details will be in the workshop description. If you get on the course free it will be kept confidential to the rest of the people on the workshop.

Will these workshops change my life?

They have all the potential to. Come to a workshop and find out.

Got a question for us? Email us via the contact page.